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and growth investor

We invest in entrepreneurs and teams determined to build something out of the ordinary.

About us

Curitas Ventures is built and run by people that have experience in being entrepreneurs. We know that with the right people, ambition, and endurance, anything is possible. We invest and support our portfolio companies to accelerate, grow, and become leaders. 


To us a great company is a company that provides a service or product that makes society better, cultivates an inspiring workplace for their employees, and generates revenue. In other words, a company that creates a win-win-win situation.

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Paper Abstract

Investment Philosophy

No company is stronger than the people behind it. We invest in teams with great ideas and the capacity to follow through. 


Primarily we invest in the Nordics, but we make the occasional exception. As for the industry, we are agnostic, but our sweet spots are Disruptive Technology, Life Science and Sustainability.

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Our team
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